Unable to safely remove my passport 1tb portable external drive in windows xp sp3

Dear sir/ madam
I have wd my passport external drive. Recently i noticed a problem.
When i copy large volume of file like 1.65gb or more and perform this procedure repeatedly like copy from system harddisk to external hdd or vice versa and after that when i try to safely remove the drive from my pc a message appears -“the generic volume cannot be stopped right now,some program may accessing it” this kind. When i restart under such circumstances then i found that the safely remove icon is missing from task bar but i can still access the external hdd.
I am using the usb cable that came with MY PASSPORT EXTERNAL HDD PACKAGE and no extension cable is being used.

My system configuration windows xp sp3, usb 2.0, 2.93 GHz intel pentium processor, 1gb ram DDR ram , 160 GB sata internal hdd,
Please help, whats problem with my MY PASSPORT 1TB PORTABLE USB 3.0 EXTERNAL HDD

Ayan Mukhopadhyay

Try this


and check this for more info when unable to safely remove