Unable to retrieve stored video on iPhone

I took video on iPhone and uploaded to WD Cloud. iPhone is model 6s
The iPhone does not see the video. It does see the photos that were also uploaded.
The same also happens with my iPad.
However when I access WD cloud from my desktop iMac the videos are present and work fine.
How do I get the videos to play on iPhone and iPad?
I can access photos and upload photos from all devices including a PC.
The WD is connected to my router.

Well, mine sees the photos and videos, so yours should too. If you did not setup a special folder to upload your iOS devices in, they are likely all in the same Public folder all jumbled into one folder. So, be sure you are looking in that folder from the iThings… I actually move my uploads into a photo folder and a video folder.

Another problem is that maybe not all your files are getting uploaded. Here is one reason why:

Problem solved. Switched to the MyCloud app.
Turns out that the WD app v2.4.5 (which I was using) allows me to upload photos and videos. However it does not support viewing of videos.
The MyCloud app v 4.4.2 supports both photo and video upload and viewing.
Thanks for your help and also the suggestion on folders and auto backup.