Unable to resend invite or delete user from Cloud Access

When i go into cloud access and click on any user that is configured i am unable to delete them or resend the invite to sign up to OS5 web access. According the guide it should be really simple - can anyone explain why the resend and delete options are greyed out and how to get them working again?!

My Cloud PR4100 Online User Manual (wdc.com)

@markymark76 The admin user must sign in and enable Cloud Access at the Cloud Access tab.

Cloud Access is enabled - i am logged in as admin and the options are not clickable. I can see all the people that i have setup to have cloud access and they no issues logging in, i just can’t delete or resend.

@markymark76 if your Cloud Access admin screen looks like this, please click the Sign In button and sign in.
If your admin screen doesn’t look like this, then collect the system logs and open a support case so that your issue can be investigated.

Thanks for this. Getting closer. I now have the ability to delete users but not resend the invite.

I’m having the same issue did you ever figure out how to add new users?