Unable to register with Mionet from MBL


Newbie here.

I am having two problems; possibly linked, possibly not.

  1. When i try to register the MBL with Mionet, i get a message “Confirming Mionet account”, which sticks on the screen and doesn’t go away. The unit does not proceed to register.

  2. When the MBL is connected to the network, internet access for all machines becomes sporadic - ie fast one minute and slow another. Disconnecting the MBL from the network resolves the issue.

MBL is on latest firmware, and a unique static IP address. A validated Mionet account is being used.

Hi, for #1: Mionet is no longer supported on the MBL with firmwareversions > 2.0, including the latest. You need to use WD2GO instead. Greetings listener

Thanks for the quick reply - upgrading firmware seems to have solved the access issue.