Unable to register on support site

I’ve been trying to register on the support site as an End user, we have a few broken WDs in the office.


This is the error i’ve been getting. I already tried all kind of different password combinations… This error just doesnt make sense at all.

Registration was unsuccessful.

 Any idea?

 too found it impossible to register on the support site. There was no indication of what was wrong though. I tried all sorts. I suspect it is the phone number as being in the UK it isn’t the same format as in the US and the site appears to think every users lives in the US!! Hopeless and pathetic.

Hi guys, sorry to hear you have been having problems with the support site registration. I recommend you to call support directly, they can guide you through the process or even create the account for you. 


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Someone from support just e-mailed me. Thanks guys.

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I’m the same, I get the same message and I need to contact them as I have a fault with my width live box.