Unable to process photo database

I recently downloaded wd photo and try to log-in to see picture in my share picture in public folder. I have mionet account and have used when away from home. But when try to used wd photo and log-in, I always get this error " unable to process photo database". Any suggestions of what to do. Thanks

Did you ever find an answer for this?

I also have this problem on my 3GS. I have followed all the instructions to the word yet I can not get the photos onto my iphone. Any ideas?

The error “Unable to process photo database” is one that will resolve itself on its own. You may want to clear the cache on your phone so that the database gets updated from the drive again.

  1. From the main iPhone/iPod dashboard, click on the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down to the WD Photos entry.
  3. Set the toggle next to “Clear” (under the “Clear Cache on Next Launch” header) to On.
  4. Close the Settings app and go back to the WD Photos app.

WD Photos will go through its initial setup process again, after which you should once again have access to your photos.

Please IM me directly with your contact information if you experience this error for longer than 24 hours and we will setup a troubleshooting session.

Hi Laura,

It’s been almost 18 hours - and still nothing. I’ve only got 10 pictures on the drive so far as a test. I’m not sure how I IM you directly or what else I should do. I’ve tried clearing the cache - in fact, the first time setup has never completed successfully.

Please advise

I also have this problem.

I have updated to the latest firmware on the hard drive,

checked all the settings,

Removed and reinstalled the app,

Cleared the cache.

I sign in perfectly fine, but as soon as I sign in and click my drive, it says " WD Photos Unable to process photo database."

Any help available?