Unable to Play (some) JPG Photos

I am unable to view all of my jpg photos from my network server.  For instance, it will show a jpg photo that I just uploaded, but not the very next photo that I took from the same camera at nearly the same instance.  I can only view about 1/3 of my photos; the rest get an error message: “Unable to play the selected files. Please refer to the user manual for a list of supported file formats”.  I used to be able to view all of my photos without incident…what’s up with that?


It seems that the problem was a bandwith one.  I found that I can view all JPGs if I transfer them to the USB hardrive attached to the WDLive box.  Although I figured out a work around, I don’t understand why WDLive would indicate the problem was with the file format.  I also don’t understand why a JPG requires alot of bandwith; I’m able to view videos through it.

Are you using a Media Server or Samba Shares?

I’m not certain that I understand the difference.  I use a HP Mediasmart server that I use to store my pics, video, and other documents.

Are you clicking on media server or network shares to get to your jpg.

I select media server.

Try network shares. It could be something to do with the media server not ‘serving’ correctly.