Unable to play media file - weird!

Hi My girlfriend & I both have WD2Go which accesses our individual MBL’s. For some reason my girlfriend can’t play any movie files as she keeps getting the error message unable to play file. The weird part about this is that it’s only just started happening. I can play the file on my iPad without any problem, yet she can’t. The only difference is that I have an iPad & she has an iPad 2. We both also have buzz player & it now won’t detect her MBL, yet she can access it via FTP on the Buzz player . This just seems really weird as obviously the MBL is connected so why isn’t the app picking it up and why isn’t her WD2Go app playing anything when it was working fine yesterday ?? Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Strange behavior…

Can you try loading the file ( WD 2Go Pro only ) and see if the file will play

Worked out what the problem was !!

My girlfriend has a Linksys Router which has “Guest” capability and for some reason her Ipad was picking up the “Guest” connection. Even if she changed it to the normal connection it kept reverting back, so I disabled the “Guest” connection as it’s not really required and what do you know everything is now working again :slight_smile: