Unable to play file

Hi guys,

First post here, I have little trouble with my WD live hub. I have the current setup:

WD live hub, firmware 1.06.10
Qnap NAS
Accessing media thru gigabit switch, not wireless
accessing media as smb (windows) share on the Qnap

Problem 1: when I am in the home menu on the live hub, and open video, music or files, sometimes I get error:

“Unable to connect to the selected source. Please make sure the selected source is active and available for sharing”

I never see this error on my pc or mac. I have to go back to home and try again, then it works.

Problem 2:

I seem to be noticing that after I play a video or mp3, I can’ t play again until after a full restart! It is driving me up the Walls at the moment.

In some cases, only black screen is displayed with a spinning icon.
In some cases I get an error message “unable to play this file, check manual that format is supported”

But plays just fine after a restart!

Has anyone seen this before? It suggests a firmware issue because after restart it is all good again

Solution 1:   Try setting your QNAP to be the MASTER BROWSER.

Solution 2:  That can happen if you previously attempt to play an unsupported or corrupt file.  It crashes the Media Renderer process, and the only way to restart it is a full reboot.

If this is happening with DVD ISOs, then that, in particular, is a known bug that will likely be fixed soon.