Unable to partition recognized drive

Trying to partition a MyBook 3 TB.

I’ve been able to partition other external drives using ‘Computer Management" > "Disk Management’.

This drive is recognized, but when I go to right click the volume, ‘new simple volume’ does not appear.

Any thoughts appreciated.

You have to ‘Delete the Volume’ before the option ‘New Simple Volume’ appears

(look under Add Mirror to find Delete Volume)

WARNING: This will delete all your data !

OK thanks so much…that did it, partially.

I’m now left with 2 partitions (when I created the simple volume I didn’t
have an option of making the partition larger than 2048 GB), and cant
create a simple volume on the 746.49 GB.

What do I need to do to create the simple volume on the other partition?

You have to initialize the drive in GPT . .then create the partitions . … Windows can only recognize 2TB below . . .the WD external drives usually comes with their own software to help you do this, if you deleted them ,I think you can download them from their site for free. . If you bought an internal drive, then you need a partition software to do this, you can find some on the internet for free like “Partition Wizard” which I use . .

Thank you ronald_bayani!

Grateful :slight_smile:

A nice, simple, free, program i use … AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition 5.6

good to know…thanks JoeySmyth https://community.wd.com/users/joeysmyth