Unable to open WDLIVETV from windows 7 and unable to open shared folder from WDTVLIVE

Hi all, it is some days that my wd discovery doesn’t reach the wdtvlive box. I’m able to ping the IP with success and also to ping the name (WDLIVETV), but if I try to open the wdtvlive it say that network path (\WDTVLIVE) is not found.

Any ideas ? My O.S. is Windows 7 ultimate.

From WDTVLIVE i’m able to see my multimedia catalog but I can’t see my shared folder. If I click, for exemple, on network share under music nothing happens.





I have the same problem with my win7 home edition. if I use wddiscovery then i can see the wdtvlive but when i try to acces it then it says not connected on ip…

It really is a pain in the but.

maybe someone out here can help me with that.



You guys try following this guide:

Setting up network shares Win7:  http://tinyurl.com/ykywtwo

Make sure you go to your home group settings and make all the changes.  If it still doesn’t work, it might be your firewall in your router/software firewall…try disabling them and see what happens.

Youtube Video (Enable Network Shares on WD TV Live & Windows 7 Ultimate x64)


If you try to access your network shares and the WD TV Live wants a user name and pass and when you hit ok it says invalid user name and pass. uninstall Windows Live ID Assistant like I had to and numerous other people: