Unable to open my passport , not getting detected

My new passport 2TB is not being detected in any of my PC. It was working fine few days back.
It is neither being detected and also my machine gets super slow if i open my computer.
Unable to detect it in disk management, that too just get slow and never loads until i disconnect the hard disk.

Need help cannot recover data also until it get recognised.

Hi ArunKumar191093,

It’s possible that the USB cable of your WD My Passport drive is faulty and that is why the drive is not being detected. Try to change the USB cable of the drive and also try to use the drive on a different computer as well to check if this is a computer specific issue. It’s also possible that the USB port on the computer might be bad so try to connect the drive on different ports to check if it’s being detected. To know more about how to troubleshoot the DAS devices refer to the link below:

You have posted in the WIRELESS PASSPORT FORUM. Is this what you have or do you have the wired one?