Unable To Open Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for DOS

Like the title said, I downloaded Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS, v5.19.  I extracted it to my desktop.  When I try to open it I receive a message that this version isn’t compatible with the version of Windows I’m running, which is Windows 7 Pro, 64 bit.

So I thought maybe I was supposed to just copy the file to a bootable floppy and tried that.  But when the PC boots up at  the DOS prompt I type DLGDiagv519.exe but receive a “bad command” message.

I’m sure it’s me.  Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?  Thank you.

You may try downloading the ISO version and burn it to a CD.

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Found this thread since I’m not finding how to post new…

I downloaded the DataLifeguard file “Diag504fCD.iso” and burned it to a CD. It’s supposed to create a bootable CD but when I try to boot the laptop it can’t find the files because it’s trying to locate them on the A:\ drive. There is no floppy drive on this laptop.  I have the BIOS set to boot from the CD first. Tried to get help with tech support but after 20mins with a level 1 tech and then 20min on hold I was disconnected.

Any help appreciated.

I am getting the same error message when I try to load the data lifeguard cd. It is looking for command.com on drive A: which seems to be what a DOS version of this software would do. Maybe there is a wrong file in the download section? My CD also gives me an error looking for the DLGLICE.txt file. I have burned 2 different CDs using 2 different software programs and get the same error messages on both CDs. I hope someone from WD will read these messages and have some idea of why this is happening with the software now. I don’t think burning any more CDs is going to help me diagnose my hard drive.

Seems hard to believe, but apparently this software app isn’t compatible with Windows 7?!! 

I want to do a clean install of Windows 7 on my Dell laptop which came with WD7500BPKT.  So I’d like to write zeros to th drive and initialize it for the install.  However, this is apparently impossible to do. 

Can anyone help?