"Unable to obtain IP address" error [Solved]

I have followed all the steps here: http://community.wdc.com/t5/WD-TV-Live-Networking/Unable-to-obtain-an-IP-address-The-media-player-has-limited-or/td-p/186488 I cannot get my new WD TV Live to connect to my wireless network. Keep getting a “Unable to obtain IP address” error. However, the strange thing is that if I remove the WEP key on my network, the WD TV is able to connect to it without problems. Why is this? And it wasn’t because of a typo. I even changed my networks WEP key to 10 zeros and tried connecting the WD TV Live, and it still seem to have failed.

I don’t have any issues connecting my other wireless devices (laptop, iPad, etc).

[Solved] - I switched to a WPA wireless protection instead, and now it works.

That’s 11 zeros?   That’s not a valid key.

WEP keys are:

40-bit:  10 digit

128-bit: 26 digits

I know. I meant all zeros. (10 zeroes)

Have you tried a 128 bit key, by chance?

I haven’t attempted a 128 bit key yet. I’ll try and get back to you.

(I’m outside now, might take a while to get home and try it)

BTW, I’m just shooting from the hip here…  I’ve never used WEP due to its vulnerability to cracking.   I’ve always used WPA or WPA2.

If that’s an option for you, try that as well.

Ok, I attempted a 128-bit key instead, but that didn’t work. However, I managed to solve my problem by switching to a WPA protection, as you suggested. Now it works! Thanks. I still don’t know why WEP didn’t work though.

Gday mate

I am also having problems obtaning an ip address.

My router is a netgear DGN2200 using WPA PSK TSK and WPA PSK  AEK combination. 

Tried entering manually but that didnt seem to work

can you tell me whar settings to use manually ?

Hardware Version DGN2200
Firmware Version V1.0.0.36_7.0.36
GUI Language Version V1.0.0.25
Internet Port
MAC Address 20:4E:7F:C2:1B:B7
IP Address
Network Type PPPoA
IP Subnet Mask
Gateway IP Address
Domain Name Server
LAN Port
MAC Address 20:4E:7F:C2:1B:B6
IP Address
IP Subnet Mask
ADSL Firmware Version A2pB025c1.d21j2
Modem Status connected
DownStream Connection Speed 17554 kbps
UpStream Connection Speed 1020 kbps
VCI 35
Wireless Port
Region Europe
Channel Auto (1)
Mode Up to 145 Mbps
Wireless AP On
Broadcast Name On