Unable to mount shard drive with 200,000 photos

Hi everyone. 

I have a 3TB Mybook Live connected to my Airport Extreme and recieving secutriy camera images (motion triggered) into three shared directories. These contain 9 - 52GB of images each and recieve a new run of images every few seconds (passing traffic, leaves etc…)


Although I can see the drive in my Shared sidebar in Finder (Macbook pro, Mountain Lion OSX) and can see the three shared drive, I cannot open any of the three camera folders (Front / Back / DLINK) but can open the public folder. 

If anyone knows how I can get access to these image drives (which I guess contain between 100,000 and 5,000,000 images each I would be very greatful 

We have had vandalism of our property and the act has (hopefully) been captured in some of these images. 

Thank you. 


You need to map the other shared folders that you want to access. Follow the link below for the steps to map them using WDlink.


Thanks Alucardx23, but 

A) I am on OSX adn WDlink is for Windows only 

B) I can see the drives, but when I click on one of them but trying to enter one of them gives me an ‘empty’ finder with a constant spinning ‘waiting’ icon and finder seems to crash (not responding). 

A second MyBook Live (exactly the same, connected to the same network through the same router) also with a number of shared folders works fine, although the larger the number of contained files the longer they take to open (usually only seconds though). 

So I am thinking this has something to do with the number of files on each sharepoint. 

Any ideas on how to at least get the images off this drive would be welcome.