Unable to mount public share

After long time use I now find myself unable to access the public share on my WD World Edition II (Blue Edition).

I have been able to create a different share on the device and access that, but “PUBLIC” continues to report “Network access Denied”. I have tried to reset the unit.

Any ideas how I can remount that share? All my backedup content is under it. The device is setup as Continous file system.

Hi there, 

Try to disconnect the private share, restart the computer and then remount the public share first and then the private one.

That worked for me, hope it does for you as well.

Thank you. Tried that… actually shut down my entire network but still can’t see 'Public" from any PC (WindowxXP ,Windows7 or Ubuntu). I can see the new share I subsequently created to verify that the NAS function on the drive is still running, but that doesn’t help get access to the content that was stored under PUBLIC.

Ok , so you can see the share but can’t access is content. Any error msg?

Is ther a way to check errors on the actual device? 

All I get from Windows (7) is “DNAS\PUBLIC is not accessible. You might not have permissions to use this network resource. Contact the adminstrator (blah, blah). Network access is denied”.

“Everyone” is set to allowed full access and I even created a different User with full access and makes no difference.

I can access the new shares but not PUBLIC.

Sounds strange, Have not been able to see any information about this issue. I’ll suggest to contact WD support.   http://support.wdc.com/contact/index.asp?wdc_lang=en

I have the same problem - when I try to access the disk via AFP services on the Mac OS X (10.6.x).  It will mount the Download share, as well as a newly-created share, but not the Public share.  I can read-access the data (painfully) via anonymous FTP. Interestingly, if I boot WinXP using Bootcamp, I do have access to the Public share.