Unable to mount one share via AFP

I have several shares and they are all ok, except one.

I can mount via SMB but not on AFP.

The log gives messages such as :

 09/20 12:02:14  G00d-ShareSpace daemon.err afpd[3014]: cnid_lookup: Unable to get CNID did 0x710e0000, name You are what you eat Land.eps: DB_SECONDARY_BAD: Secondary index inconsistent with primary

09/20 12:02:14  G00d-ShareSpace daemon.err afpd[3014]: cnid_update: (3) Unable to update CNID 42205:You are what you eat Land.eps: Invalid argument

I have done some digging and the nearest thing I can see is that it is related to a currupt index .appledb which is called -VUC69~7

Does this sound correct? Am I able to delete this file and reboot the system without losing data?

Help very much appreciated.


The directory is “.AppleDB” and yes you can delete it and reboot as it will be re-created. Had to do this myself. Has to be done for each share defined. If you are uncomfortable doing a delete, then do a “mv .AppleDB AppleDB”  Once you are comfortable with the results after a reboot, you can remove this backup.



Sorry for not replying sooner, I did post but it did not appear.

The .AppleDB directory I assume is not visable unless you access via AFP. We are only able to access via SMB now and can see only the filename I mentioned. Is this the one I am to remove?


In order too “see”  it you must login to the sharespace via ssh. and “cd /shares/”; then do an “ls -al” and it will show up (it is a hidden file).

then do the “mv” command I posted.