"unable to modify"

I just registered and I believe set up my passport on my Mac.  When I try to move my itunes library to it I get the message unable to modify my passport.  I ran the check for it being set up properly.

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Did you format/partition your hard drive? This is required for NTFS Passports before you can use them in Mac-based systems. Is it able to accept files in your Desktop?

thank you for your response.  I believe I did!  i downloaded the driver, accpeted terms etc, and was to the place where it has three options to check the driver.  I didnot do the thrid one as it said it could take hours but I completed the first one and it indicated it was fine…  I will try it again.  It will not take documents either :frowning:

I went back and “replaced” the already installed driver and security  apps. completed the smart status, and quick drive test. Both are fine… I apologize for not having correct language.  I just wanted to drag my music to a hard drive :frowning:  

SO… I think I formatted it? :slight_smile:

Formatting the hard drive is not done by means of the WD Apps, but rather through the built-in Disk Utility app: