Unable to modify or add RGB profiles in Dashboard

I’m unable to add or modify RGB profiles in the Western Digital Dashboard tool. When attempting to add a profile, I get the error message “Failed to create new profile”. When attempting to save an existing profile, I get the error message, “Failed to save changes to profile”. Restarting does not help.

This is on a brand new install of Windows 10 20H2 with literally nothing else installed except for Western Digital Desktop. I’m happy to provide any other details needed to troubleshoot.


This is a known problem for me and it unfortunately looks like a software issue with Dashboard. I had this issue back in early January 2021 and since WD couldn’t provide a solution, I got it RMAed and still ran into the same issue with a fresh drive. Not to mention, I cannot run short & long diagnostic tests either.

The workaround I found is the following: Try creating a new RGB profile and if that doesn’t work, try shutting down the computer. For whatever reason, rebooting does not work with this workaround. After turning the computer back on, try creating a new RGB profile. It should now allow you to create a new profile and change settings/colors. Each time you need to change RGB parameters after a shutdown, you will need to shut down the computer before you do so. You might need to create a new dummy profile first before being able to edit old ones with this trick. If this doesn’t work for you, you might have a different issue.