Unable to map MBLD on Windows 7

My 6TB MBLD had been functioning normally for several days, but after a reboot I can no longer map the network drive – Windows Security is asking for a ‘network password’ for user MYCOMPUTERNAME/admin, citing MYCOMPUTERNAME as the ‘Domain’ (some quick Googling tells me that Windows 7 computers can’t even *be* on domains, so this is baffling). This isn’t my network password, and it’s not the admin password for the MBLD – I’ve tried those. I’ve verified that uPnP is on, uninstalled and reinstalled the QuickView software, rebooted the router, MBLD, and computer several times, to no avail.

I am able to map a network drive directly to the IP number, but not automatically by using QuickView. Ideas?

Further point of info: Seems to be the exact same problem as  http://community.wdc.com/t5/My-Book-Live/Network-password-issue/td-p/332249

If you can map the drive manually then the drive is working and the quick view app is been blocked by a firewall or internet security

Unblocking WD QuickView in Windows Firewall has had no discernible effect on the problem. I’m not sure to what you refer when you say ‘internet security,’ I’m afraid.