Unable to make a Safepoint / Very Slow Support

I’m getting heartily fed up of the My Cloud device, as I cant make a safepoint. And if I can’t make a safepoint, then I can’t trust putting my data on MyCloud.

Initially I bought a MyClod and was very happy (still am) with the ability to access my files over the network. This works very well for me. Good.

But when i tried to make a safepoint onto another WD Drive (a MyBook) on my network, it just failed with an error 402002 ‘Faied Request during this Safepoint operation’

I tried contacting support. who contacted me __after a week__ asking me for logs …

In the meantime, I had reasoned that perhaps I should buy another MyCloud - surely I could make a Safepoint on a MyCloud right next to the original one, plugged into next network socket?

WRONG. Now it tells me (after a long session of attempting to make a Safepoint) - ‘The Safepoint is in an invalid state, try updating to fix the problem’.

So I shifted all the files to the new MyCloud, factory reset the old one - maybe it had got messed up - and tried again, but the other way - new MyCloud to old.

So I bought a new router … my old one was old. Same problem.

Any answers? I have had various emails from support but they seem to have a weeks latency - really no use.

My quesiton - How can I successfully make a Safepoint on a MyCloud from another one? Surely it cant be that hard?


Did you read the Help information under Safepoints in the Dashboard?

I too am having problems creating a safepoint.

I have a 4 TB MyCloud bought two months ago and a recently purchased 4 TB MyBook drive to be used as a backup to the Cloud drive and attached to the USB port on the Cloud drive.  I run a MacBook Pro and the MyBook drive was reformatted to HFS+.

I have about 1.6 TB of data on the Cloud drive.  And yes I have gone to the help file on the dashboard.  Not much help.  Anyways I have tried to create a successful safepoint two times and each time it has failed.  The Cloud drive goes off the network and the MyBook drive LED just flashes once every second.  Nothing is writing to that drive.  On these two occassions, the Cloud drive went off network after copying about 600 to 700 GB of data to the USB drive.

Could the problem be related to the Cloud drive scanning the USB drive?  I have a call into tech support but have not received a call back yet.

I also believe the firmware/software of the Cloud drive and the processor of the Cloud drive are not heavy duty enough to copy large amounts of data.  It may be I will have to scrap using safepoints and resort to manually backing up the cloud drive using drag and drop.  Most of the files on my Cloud drive are movie and photo files.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Bruce_W wrote:> […]

.  I run a MacBook Pro and the MyBook drive was reformatted to HFS+. […]

The USB drive works with HFS+J per the user manual. I don’t know from the top of my head whether the journaling option is enabled by default when you format a disk HFS+…

Just in case, do the safewpoint work when you format the uSB disk NTFS?

Wrt to the disconnecting NAS, do you use a fixed IP address for your NAS (preferably setup from the router UI, although it is possible to do the same form the NAS UI, but in the latter case, choose an IP address outside the range of the router DHCP for better results).

Hi Etupes:

Haven’t tried formatting the USB drive in NTFS.  The USB drive is formated with Journaling on so yes it is now in HFS+J.  I reformatted the drive the minute I turned on the USB drive the first time which was on Friday before connecting it to the USB port on the back of the Cloud drive.  It is a new 4 TB MyBook drive.  Great price I got though.

Yes I have set the router to set aside a unique IP address for the MyCloud drive.  For the most part since I have set up the drive with a unique IP address, I have not noticed the drive being disconnected from the network EXCEPT when the MyCloud drive is working on a SafePoint.

Level 1 tech support today told me to call tomorrow with my case number and speak to a level 2 tech support guy.  I guess they want to remotely access my computer.  I am a little hesitant to allow a stranger to see what files etc I have but if that’s what it takes so be it.  

And when you say it disconnects from the network during a safepoint, you mean nothing shows up in Finder? Can you still access the UI?

No.  I cannot access it at all.  Even the dashboard does not find it.  In fact when i go to my router page, the router does not show it connected.  I have to pull the plug on the cloud server and then once it resets I will then see the cloud server on my mac.  But then I need to redo the safepoint and since that takes a very long time, I am inclined now to do a manual backup and forget the safepoint procedure. I am beginning to think this safepoint software built-in to the cloud server is not a very well written piece of software.

Hmmm. Safepoints are running without a hitch for me. Only once I had Safepoint issues after a firmware update that I solve by a time costly factory restore. Since then, no issue to an attached 2TB USB disk.

What operating system do you use? When you did a factory restore, did you do a full restore including wiping your data out? I did a restore after the last firmware update, but not the one that wipes out the data. Only a System restore.

I use Windows 81. and OS X Mavericks to access the cloud.

For the factory restore, I don’t recall for sure. The lightest one is pretty safe to try, as it only resets passwords and share access. The quick factory restore erases all content. I know I did both: in fact I started the full factory restore but it was taking too long so I switched to the quick after a few hours. The problem is, I don’t remember exactaly when I did which…after or before the safepoint issues… Sorry

Finally on the third attempt of creating the initial SafePoint which was 1.5 TB in size, SUCCESS.  Now hopefully the update process in the future of the Safepoint will go much smoothly.  Thank you for your help.

Yes, I have looked at the Help. Buy it was not much help, so thanks for that very useful and focussed suggestion.

Support SLA seems to be set at about a week. I am now considering some kind of real complaint if I dont get any real help