Unable to make a connection from Wireless PC to Hub for uploding files--or mapping to it

I am simply trying to get movies from my PC to the Live Hub via a wireless connection all on the same network all PC’s runniung Win 7.  The settings menu in the live hub says all network setting are good—IP DHCP–SubNet everything but trying to map to it from one of the wireless PC’s is impossible–but the user guide states that is the way to make it so that files can be sent to the device. 

It should be this hard.  Each time I try this using WD Discovery, it says the device can’t be found at the IP address which is given as the one the live hub has received from the router and according to the setup page in the Hub is good.

Are wireless connections to the HUB not supported–does this have to be done with a PC connected to the router directly?

 By the way, I see the live hub on the network but cannot map a drive letter to it.  I can get into the setup menu from the wireless pc but no transfer files to it–my main goal for now.

Please help.

You need to make sure the Hub has the same WORKGROUP as the computers, and try to map it this way> click on start> type \theipaddressofyourhub on the search bar and press enter> Unless there’s a networking issue, then you should be able to access it, then right-click the shares and select map network drive.