Unable to login to you tube video says wrong username or password

ive got a user name for youtube and i can log on to my youtube leanback account .it access the google account for it

but when i ttry to put the same log in deatails in the youtube movie it says wrong password or user name

when i m typing everything correct

my model no is wdbgxt0000nbk-uesn

im on firmware 1.09.10

it happens all the time

any help

A new firmware was released yesterday, I think it has a fix for your issue.

even the new firmware gives the same message on the youtube video

but sign in to my youtube leanback ,but there i had to put the code inot the

youtube.com/activate  web site

the code is supplied by the wd box on its screen

what am i doint wrong here

Is there a solution to this already? I have the exact same problem loging in to YouTube video on the SMP.

Logging in to YouTube works perfectly, but the YouTube video app is much better…