Unable to login to My Cloud Dashboard

can’t  enter my dashboard forget my password, where can i  get my password

azlan wrote:

can’t  enter my dashboard forget my password, where can i  get my password

If you lost your administrator password or cannot remember it, then one can perform a “reset” on the WD My Cloud via it’s reset button on the back of the unit which will reset the; Device Name, IP Settings, and Administrator Password back to factory defaults. You shouldn’t loose any files or other data stored on the WD My Cloud. See the following WD Support link for general directions on resetting a WD My Cloud.

How to reset a WD My Cloud, Mirror, EX2, or EX4 drive

The general procedure for a reset is to press in (with the tip of a paperclip or tip of a ball point pen) the reset button on the back of the WD My Cloud and keep it depressed for 4 seconds then release. Note: If performing a reset, do not hold the WD My Cloud reset button in for longer than 4 seconds. If you hold the reset button in for 40 seconds or longer the device will perform a System Restore. While a System Restore may not cause data loss it will cause all Private Shares to become Public Shares.

If you have SSH already active on the WD My Cloud then it might be possible to reset or recover the administrator password using SSH. Others with more knowledge about Debain and SSH can probably provide more information on that procedure if such a method is possible. Note that using SSH may void the WD My Cloud Warranty and understand that one can easily brick the WD My Cloud by issuing the wrong SSH commands.