Unable to login on local LAN with WiFi devices

Hi friends, I keep getting a “suspicious login attempt” error message when I try to login from an iPad with the new OS 5 app.
The email I receive with the warning is showing my home router’s IP address.
When I link my iPad up to my phone’s hot spot it goes through without the error message but then says there’s no NAS associated to the account.
I know there is because I sent the invite from my PR2100’s cloud access web page and received the invitation email.
With the OS 3 app we could log in to our MyCloud on our local LAN with the same user ID and password on multiple iPads and devices to access the MyCloud.
We can’t do that on the OS 5 app. :angry:
Looks like only one user ID per device.
So all that said, I created a new user ID for my iPad and I’m unable to login :weary:
Has anyone found a workaround?
Thanks guys

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The message of Something went wrong, please check that you have an active internet connection and try again. can occur after five (5) login attempt failures in the My Cloud OS 5 Web and Mobile Apps.

Please refer to this KB article for more information: My Cloud OS 5: Something Went Wrong - Suspicious Login Attempt Email Notice

RESOLVED! When I deleted each new user invitation in the Cloud Access page, then recreated them, and then sent the invite again, I was then able to log in and set up their online account.
I then had to connect each of our iPad’s wifi to a hotspot and log in with the new user account. I could NOT have our iPad on the same local wifi as the MyCloud for some reason.

All that said, we now have a new user account and password for EACH device. We can no longer have multiple devices logged in with the same user ID.