Unable to log on since replacing Modem/Route


I’ve just replaced my old broadband router for a new dual broadband.

When I open the WD on my laptop, it finds the WD 8tb mirror drive both externally and internally. However when I open it on my Acer tablet, it still sees it with the old IP address and will therefore not access it. I have tried to access it manually without success.

If I look in Windows explorer folder, the drive is listed under Network so I can access it internally that way just not via the WD application

Anyone any ideas?As I say the laptop is OK but my Acer tablet (using Microsoft) isn’t



First thing I’d try is uninstalling and reinstalling the app - push it to renew the stored IP address.

Can you access the drive directly from the problem Acer tablet using your file manager of choice and Samba (SMB)?

To be honest though personally I don’t use the app on anything other than my phone - I just access it directly.

I can acces it if I open windows explorer. Under network it appears with all other PC’s on my network. But I can’t even access it remotely. I have tried re-installing the cloud app to the tablet but it keeps coming up with the old IP address. There’s something in my tablet’s memory and I’m not sure where to look



What OS is the Acer running? Full-fat Windows, Windows RT or a version of Windows Phone?

And when you say “internally” and “externally” for connection, are you meaning when at home logged into your home network (where your MCM is connected to) and via the internet from elsewhere respectively?

I’m a little confused about your reference to IP addresses for accessing it remotely via the WD apps, as no IP address should be involved there. Are you talking about accessing your MCM using Windows Explorer whilst you are away from your home network? That isn’t possible to do and as far as I can recall from the minimal use I had of the WD app on my laptop when travelling there was no IP address involved there either, as it’s cloud access via the WD servers (you connect to their servers and the servers connect to your MCM through your router via uPNP and port-forwarding).