Unable to install My Book Live without optical drive

I am attempting to install a new My Book Live on my home network. My laptop does not have an optical drive, so I cannot use a CD to install the drive. I am having trouble installing the correct software so I can use the drive.

Does the “My Book Live Setup for Windows” download cover everything that I will need? Is the “WD SmartWare Update for Windws” essential for the drive to function properly? Are the other downloads crucial to using the drive, and what order do I need to download and run these?

Thank you for your help.

Depends on what your using the drive for. To setup the drive you can simply open a webbrowser and type in
http://mybooklive and it should take you to the dashboard where you can create users and shares etc.
Smartware is software which allows you to make automatic backups of files/folders to your MyBookLive.
The software is only needed based on how you are gonna use the drive.

I should have been more specific. I am attempting to use the drive as an automatic backup, and  eventually connect everything to the WD 2go app to have access to my photos and videos on my phone and tablet. 

In that case just download Smartware and you are good to go
Then setup the drive through the web-browser