Unable to install Anywhere backup

I installed WD Anywhere backup but then deleted it but didn’t use the undelete app. I just dragged the folders to trash. Now when I try to install Anywhere Back up I get the error message  " You cannot install WD Anywhere Backup on this volume. A newer version of this software already exists on this volume."   I have removed all traces I can find from the Hard drive both in applications and library folders.I have even set Finder to show hidden files and have removed anything that even vaguely looks as if  it might have some connection with the previous installation but still get the same error message. The version of Anywhere backup is V2.5.125 downloaded from their web site today. Thanks.

Did you ever get the software to run on your computer?

I am having the same problem, is there a solution to this? Thank you!

I was just going to recommend that he contact WD’s Technical Support.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Same issue. I dragged to trash to uninstall and received the same error message. I then installed on another Mac, and then copied the “uninstall” application back to the original Mac. I then used the Anywhere Backup Uninstaller. This got me past the error message and into the install wizzard. But when I got to the “Destination Select” step, I again received the “can’t install because it already exists on this disk” error message. Will look for response to this post. Regards. J