Unable to Initialize/Format in Windows 10 - WD20EZRZ

I just built a brand new system and installed the Windows 10 OS on a SSD. I am able to see all drives in BIOS, including my WD20EZRZ. I am also able to see the WD20EZRZ in Windows 10 Disk Management console. When I try to initialize the drive, I get a prompt asking if I would like to create a MBR or GPT section. Both options throw an error, I do not recall the error on MBR but since I want to use GPT, I will focus on that. The GPT selection gives me the error that the size of the disk is not large enough for a GPT partition. The disk shows a size of 0 GBs in the disk management console. I have downloaded the Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows but it was unable to run because of a SMART error. This drive came right out of the packaging and straight into a brand new PC build. I used an ESD Anti Static wrist strap while installing all components. What am I missing?


It seems like the drive is defective, but have you tried to write zeroes on the device with the Data Lifeguard diagnostics?

I did attempt to write zeroes to the drive but was unsuccessful. I have
started a RMA with the retailer to get a new drive.