Unable to get the list of tapes from the server

Hello, I am trying to restore a server and from the CD got this error

How I can fix it?
My Arkeia server has no tape, only storage

Ps: Arkeia Network Backup v9.1.15


The message of “Unable to get the list of tapes” can mean Magnetic Tape and Disk Storage that contain Virtual Tapes similar to the popular VTL emulators.  The message is normally generated when the hostname of the recovery client provided by the end user, does not exists in the Catalog Index (Restore Navigator in the WebUI).  Meaning if the client listed in the Savepack is client101.domain.com, then you must use client101.domain.com as the hostname for the DR process.


If the machine name in the Savepack is  client101.domain.com :

  • client101.domain.com          is the valid DR client name
  • Client101.domain.com         is INVALID because of the captital C
  • client101                                  is INVALID because domain.com is missing

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Thanks for responding

Apparently I’m doing something wrong,I can not restore a server.

First I make a backup file server without problems (with arkeia client)

Then start the server with the CD DR Online for linux

Then i configure the network and the message described above appears

According to the photo, which is the name that should put?

If the machine that you backup has the name of “restore”, then  you would entry the hostname of “restore” in the DR Session. However, it looks like you’ve painted over the domain of this client. So if you backup as “restore.domain.com” then you would enter “restore.domain.com” in the DR session.  That’s with out the double quotes of course.