Unable to get Smartware to see MyBookLive on Win XP


I just managed to install MyBookLive. I had to do it via the dashboard as the CD program just keep running and not able to detect the device. I am using static ip address and now able to see MyBookLive on the dashboard as well as using WD Link. Creating user account and share is working as well. I was installing SmartWare 1.6.0 and it is NOT detecting MyBookLive. I have tried turning off Symentec but it is still not working.

Is there any trace or log that could give more details on this problem??


Try mapping the drive and check if Smartware shows the drive after that


I have tried mapping the network drives. No problem doing that. Able use WD Link as well so able to see the drives assigned to MyBookLive. When activating SmartWare, still not able to see MyBookLive. Looks like a simple so cannot understand why SmartWare is not able to access and do not provide any details or errors.