Unable to get netflix

The Netflix icon is just not there does anyone have any idea why

There is no Netflix on the 2014 device.




Lesson here is … do some research eg. read reviews,ask questions here … before handing over your money

some reviews (via google search)




If you wanted Netflix then you should have purchased the older WDTV Live Streaming




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What I can’t understand is why WD would release a player internationally that will only get a movie station and channels that can only be purchased and used in the Contenantal United States? Would they not think this might have been a bad idea for their client base. Not reading the reviews is something that I did since I was replacing my last WD TV unit. Why bother reading a review unless a company starts making bone headed stupid decisions like dropping the number one subscribed Internet movie station. Simply flabbergasted that someone wouldn’t think of this first. Well I did learn my lesson and now WD will learn one to as I return this and switch to other brands that think about the world when developing a product and not just a section of it.

The only thing I can figure is that they’ve lost the rights, or didn’t pay the fee to get Netflix on their box, I’m not sure how it goes, but it is a strange thing, I do concur. 

Read this…Netflix could dissapear from older divices (if I am reading this correctly)


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