Unable to get HDMI to work

Hi All,

I have my WD TV Live connected to my Sony LCD TV using the Component cables and I try to set the Audio/Video to HDMI - Auto settings, but the WD TV Live does not save the settings. I actually can just about see the message “The connected TV does support this resolution” even though I have set it to auto in the HDMI settings on the WD TV Live.

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

I have upgraded to the latest firmware, but that makes no difference.



Are you saying that you’re connected with BOTH HDMI and COMPONENT simultaneously?  

Hi Tony,

Thanks for your reply.

I have both Component & HDMI cables connected, and after setting the HDMI, I try to save the config and then remove the Component cable from the WDTV Live…


Ditch the component cables.  You shouldn’t need the component cables if you have a HDMI cable.  If unplugging the component cables doesn’t fix the issue, power cycle the unit with just the HDMI cable plugged in.  That should get you working.

I tried that, but unfortunately that didn´t work.

When I set the TV to HDMI 1, andI reset the WDTV Live box, I get the WD logo but then I get a blank screen, no menu appears even if I wait for a few minutes.

Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.

Try connecting your TV using the composite video output of the WD box. Hopefully, once you can see the video you can go into the WD setup and set the HDMI output resolution/frequency to something that your TV supports. Then switch your TV to the HDMI input.

After trying three different HDMI cables, managed to get the WD Live TV to work. So it was a cable issue. Thanks for everyone´s help and advice.

I am having this exact same problem. The unit works fine on an 18 month old Samsung 19" LCD and a brand new Sony 55" LCD. It does not work on a Sony 60" SXRD that is about 4-6 years old. I’ve tried two different cables, but I think they are from the same manufacturer. The ends look very similar, but not 100% identical.

I ordered a new cable yesterday from monoprice.com as an experiment. I hope to get it all working soon. I can’t imagine there is anything wrong with the unit, since it works on some TVs.

I had the similar problem. After some investigating the incompatibility was the digital TV resolution would not lock into the WDTV Live resolution. Most digital TV’s are manufactured for all the available resolutions used worldwide. Before you discard those HDMI cables, check your  digital TV setup and check the resolutions available are compatible with the HDTV Live output resolutions. It may be a simple case that the digital TV resolutions require changing to suit the WDTVLive  generated resolutions.

I’m 100% certain this Sony SXRD does 1080p, as did the Vizio I tried. I’ll see how the new cable fares later this week.

I have tried 4 different HDMI cables now, and this TV will not work with HDMI. I even tried to switch it to 720p 60Hz and it still shows a blank screen.