Unable to find WD EX2 Ultra on network over Wifi

Hello Group, I’m hoping you can help me find my WD over Wifi on my home network, and map a drive to it. I’ve got a WD Mycloud Ex2 Ultra in a home environment. The WD is ethernet-attached to my Comcast Cable Router (so I can see it from outside my home), but I do not use the Cable Router WiFi. I have a much stronger WiFi router (Asus RT-AC68U) that provides much faster Wi-Fi that is ethernet-connected to the Comcast router. My laptop is connected over the Wifi to my Asus Wi-Fi router. Its a Windows 7 64 laptop and I can access the WD through my web browser just fine. However, the WD doesn’t show up in my network or my homegroup. When I had the WD plugged into the ASUS router, I was able to see it and map to it, but I could not access it from outside of my home (double NAT problems, I believe).

I tried downloading and installing the WD Access program on my laptop. It is unable to find any WD devices on my network.

Any suggestions on how to see/connect to the WD? I think the problem may be that is is on one set of IP ranges (192.168.0.?) (Comcast router), where my laptop is on another set (192.168.2.?), connected to the WiFi router.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

That could very well be the problem. Devices within a different network section are mostly filtered since they are considered to be part of a separate network.

Why don’t you try configuring your Asus router so it can join your Comcast network?

Thank you, Trancer. The Asus router had an IP address on the Comcast network. I take it that I may be able to configure that router to “pass through” so that devices (like the MyCloud) get an IP address assigned by the Comcast router? I will look for that option in the configuration of the Asus.

Try the other way around; setting your Asus as your main router that only uses Comcast for Internet access with no LAN management.

Thanks again, Trancer. I will play around with the configuration when I
get back into town, then will post my results when I find out what works.
My fear of “the other way around” is that the MyCloud device couldn’t be
seen from the outside world when it was connected to the Asus router
(because of the double NAT issue). At the moment, I’m traveling and am
(fortunately) able to access MyCloud on the road… pretty cool. I’ll
work on being able to see it on my network when I get back!