Unable to find WD back up

I see the WD utilities icon and the security icon and also the WD apps Icon but nothing helps me know where to go to actually transfer my photos or documents onto the WD easy store.

Are you looking to do an actual backup job (automatic periodic copies of files) or are you looking to simply move files to the drive for storage?

I am also having trouble getting the WD Backup app under the apps tab. I have WD Drive Utilities and WD Security, just trying to figure out how to transfer my files over at this point.

For Macs, if your External Hard Drive is not showing up in Disk Utility. And you have ruled out damaged drive and cable. The next step you should try is using Terminal.

Search Bar: Terminal

1)Type “diskutil list”, press enter
2) Find the Name of your External Hard Drive, it should show up here if it is not damaged. The External Hard Drive name is the next line under EFI EFI. Example “Productivity”, “Universal” etc.
3) If name is Universal, Type “diskutil mount Universal”, press enter
(instead of typing the name of the drive, you can also type in the identifier, eg. “disk3s1, disk2s1, etc”)

The External Drive should show up on Finder or Desktop. Good Luck, hope that works for you.