Unable to find in network


I have a MyCloud 4TD, it works fine but i can’t find it in the MyCloud app. When i open my network locations in windows it is there. But When i open the MyCloud app there are no devices found in my network. I have given the drive a static ip and the workgroup name is WORKGROUP (the same as the my pc).

Can anyone help me with this?

First, note that the Cloud app has no bearing of Workgroup names, as it’s not using Workgroup discovery the same way windows PCs do.

The NASes rely on Bonjour Services Discovery protocol.  

In the past, other people have reported that their wireless networks for some reason were blocking Bonjour discovery.

A test case would be to load a Bonjour Discovery app on your deivce and see if it can see your NAS.

Also try the same thing using My Cloud Desktop app on your PC.  If your PC can see it via the app when it’s wired (but not wireless) then you know more.

A Thank you for the information, is thought that Bonjour was a maleware program i picked up somewhere so i go rid of it. Now reinstalled MyCloud and there was my drive!

Bonjour can be used by malware, but the protocol itself is quite benign.