Unable to find backup option for My Passport on PC

When I plug in my passport drive to my computer and click on the WD security icon the screen that pops up is one to “set security.” But there is no option for “back up.” I tried setting a password in case you “had” to do that (although I never had to before to use this drive) but that didn’t help either.

I first attempted to back up last night and was able to access the screen where your choose “back up” from the bottom task bar on my PC. But I stopped the back up because it appeared to be “stuck” at a certain % and nothing was happening. Now today that icon is not showing Up on my task bar.

Please help!

WD Security doesn’t do backups. It just password protects your drive. You need WD Backup or WD SmartWare for doing backups. You can find both of them on our downloads page below.

Ooooohhhh, thanks!