Unable to fast forward or rewind - no option to restart film from stop point: Extremely annoying

Certain movies will appear to play perfectly fine, until I try to go backwards or forwards - at which point the file stops and skips to the next file in the playlist. The worst thing is, I won’t even know a file suffers from this until a glitch or whatever stops the video halfway through watching it  - and there is no way to restore the movie to the point at which you left it. This means that the only solution is to rewatch the whole file in real time and hope it doesn’t mess up again.

This is EXTREMELY annoying, and I’d appreciate a solution as soon as possible. Thanks!

The solution is to make proper encodes.

If the video file has proper sequence headers, then it can be FF/REW, and random-access into the video stream is supported.

If the video file is badly indexed, or is all one sequence, then “trick mode” can not be supported (i.e. no FF/REW, and no mid-point resuming).

Any properly made file will play properly, and will support trick mode properly.  The WDTV simply doesn’t have the processing power to add trick mode capabilities to bad encodes that don’t natively support it.

If you made the files yourself, I’d look at the settings you used and/or look into using a different program to make your encodes.

If this is a pirate download, there’s not much to be done.  You’d just have to go steal a different copy from a different scene group who actually knows how to encode video properly.

Of course, having “glitches” in the middle of a file is also a bad sign… proper files should be glitch-free.