Unable to Erase WD Black M.2 Nvme 700 drive

I used Dashboard, latest version, to create two USB erase drives. Did 2 because the first one didn’t work. Second one didn’t work too and performed the same.
When booting from the USB, machine shows one window with Format in red and message to select device also in red. Instructions say use space bar, enter, and arrows to move cursor. Those do not work. The screen just is frozen. I have to hit the reset button to start the machine again.
I used 2 different known to be good USB drives.
I now have a WD Black M.2 drive with my former C drive data on it that needs to be erased or sanitized as the Dashboard manual describes, but the actual Dashboard itself contains nothing at all about sanitized; in fact the actual USB doesn’t even show erase, but shows Format.
Is there a way to remove the data on this drive safely?
Standing by for help.