Unable to Display JPG files on Android Devices

Greetings All…


I’m hopeful that someone can point me in the right direction on this.

I can’t seem to display photos from my Android Phone (Samsung Galaxy) or ASUS Tablet.  I able to access the WD My Cloud directory via my home Wi-Fi as well as well as through the WD website.  When I go to a directory with photos, it populates with thumbnail photos next to each JPG file…when I go to display a photo, I’ll see either a pulsating circle or a loading bar (that gradually fills) with the phrase “Opening”.  This phase either never ends or once the loading bar completely fills, it just disappears……and No Photo.  I know I’m not exceeding the 1.0GB of cache set aside for the My Cloud on my phone.  I opened up the PDF for the My Cloud without an issue.

My daughter has a relatively new Apple iPhone, and does not seem to have an issue displaying these files.  Everything populates and displays…very quickly.


The home network I’m using  has a very strong signal, and I believe the access settings for the My Cloud are correct….it seems to be a device issue.

Any advice you can offer is greatly appreciated.






Have you tried the WD MyCloud app?


I use the WD My Cloud app for both devices…phone and tablet.