Unable to Discover on MBL 2TB on Win7 and iMac


Bought the MBL 2TB today and have spent 5 hours to setup this but until now it is still the same, cannot discover. However, I am able to connect the drive using browser and have made some changes such as Static IP, change of drive name etc. I am able to connect the drive through webpage using IP Address, shown as another computer in the MyComputers screen of the laptop, is accessible through Web as well as Mobile with contents.

Despite all that I still cannot discover using the First Time CD Setup. Not even in the WD SmartWare,  WD Link softwares. Not sure what is the issue.

I am using the Cisco DPC3925 router  http://www.starhub.com/content/broadband/device/cablereadywirelesshomegateway.html

I noticed that the at the back of the drive, instead of Amber I am seeing the Green Light at the bottom and while accessing the device using browser the light both front light as well as the back lights flickers. But if routers ports were the problem then I should not have been able to access the drive on my mobile using 3G network.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Dude if you can connect via browser just map the drive and that’s it

once the drive is mapped it will work with Smartware as well

if you use the CD it can easily get blocked by firewall or any other security app you have