Unable to detect wireless network using Airlink Golden 150 Wireless Adapter

Hi, I’m using the WD TV Live with an Airlink Golden 150 Wireless Adapter. I understand that iniitially there was a problem with the Version of the driver on the wireless adapter - i.e. unless it was Rev 0200 it would not work. But I read some posts recently which said that the problem has been solved if you upgrade the WD firmware to the latest Beta release. So I did that.

But now when I go to Network  Settings > Network Setup > Wireless > Automatic, it shows me an old SSID that I used to have previously. It does not detect my current home wi-fi network’s SSID. Even when I try to do it Manually, it does not work.

Can anyone please help me?

The release notes stated 

Resolved issue with Airlink Golden 150 and D-link DWA 131 Wifi adaptors not working with 1.04.17_B.

The model number of the airlink is AWLL5077. Make sure that your specifications are the same.