Unable to detect the live hub on windows 7 using WD Link

Hey Guys,

I’ve been having troubles in detecting my wd tv live hub on my windows 7 desktop using the wd link application.

Here’s my set-up:

live hub -> main router -> repeater -> win7 

Additional Info:

  • The repeater is an old router with dd-wrt firmware.

  • I’m having no troubles accessing the hub on my winxp, which is also connected to the main router. 

  • I was able to access the drive using win7 by mapping the drive using the hub’s ip address, however, win7 freezes/ hangs when I browse through the files in the hub. I cannot, on the other hand, map to the hub’s drive when I use the drive name as the server (i.e map to \WDLivehub\WDLivehub). Consequently, I was led to the idea that being able to detect the hub using the wd link would fix the problem.

Any ideas? In my understanding, this kind of set up should work; or am I missing out on something? 

Proposed solutions would highly be appreciated. 


What if you take the repeater off the network just for testing?

FYI…I had this same problem. One Win7 laptop could see it but the other could not. What I ended up doing was going into the WD hub to the file section tab>>select Content Source>>Network Share>>SMB/CIFS and voila! The stubborn laptop showed, I selected it, logged in with my current user info for that machine and I could see it. After this the Windows Explorer could see the hub itself. Just have to make sure your network & security settings allow this on  your laptop.