Unable to detect MBL on my 2nd laptop?


I need help as I am not good in networking stuff…

I had my first laptop install with WD SmartWare and everything is working fine, able to access dashboard, etc through the menu.  Using explorer and search for the drive is no issue.

I am trying install the WD SmartWare into another laptop but seems like the other laptop cannot find the MBL?  I checked the file sharing options and both laptops have the same configuration.

All laptops are wired through the router, including the MBL.

What had gone wrong?

Pls advice.  Thanks in advance.

Check the workgroup name for the computer that doesn’t work, also try to set a static IP to the MBL or a facotry reset.


I changed workgroup name for both MBL and my laptop to be the same.  I am able to see the MBL from the window explorer and able to open up the folder.

However when I tried to install the software and during discovery stage, it’s still unable to detect the MBL.

Did I forget to do anything?