Unable to detect internal hard disk. Please Check

Hi all.

I’m currently getting the above message every time I switch on my WD Elements Play 1TB Media Player.

It WAS working fine. It WAS running firmware 1.00.85.

Then last night, I connected the drive to my Windows XP PC to transfer some more media to it, and the PC did not recongize the drive.

Then I disconnected the USB cable from the PC and restarted the media player and the “unable to detect internal hard disk” message began appearing.

I upgraded the firmware to 1.01.15 (I think that was the number) but no help.

When I use my PC disk management tool, it sees the WD hard disk partition, but does not assign a letter to it. I have used “partition wizard home edition”, and can change the active/primary status of the drive, but not sure what settings I should choose.

Any help appreciated.


You ought to be able to re-format it as just a plain NTFS partition.

Thanks for the response!

Yes, but I have 900MB of media on it, and nowhere to back it up!!

Any suggestions that don’t involve reformatting the drive?

Any suggestions on why the **bleep** this happened in the first place?

Hi all,

I have the same issue. Please propose somebode a solution without risk of loosing data on the drive.

thank you in advance


So you have 900GB of media on the drive with no back-up?  This current problem is an example of  why you should invest in a back-up drive asap. 

Thank you very much for you suggestion, but at this moment it is not what I was looking for. I understand, that it was a mistake to copy all of my data to my multimedia drive and didn´t save them also in my disc in  my PC, but what I really need today is to find some solution to back up my data. So please be helpfull to me in this area. If you are no´t not able, please do not disturb me by this type of comments.

You’re already heading down the correct path, to try to recover the partition.

However, I don’t think you’re going to find the help you need for that software here.   I would recommend THEIR support forums or Tech Support.

Sorry; I meant to reply to the original poster, Creeping Death, who said he has 900MB (I assume he means GB) and can back it up, but was hoping to solve the problem without re-formatting.


I have a solution for backing up of data. It is necessary to use Acronis Disk Director :o)

Hope this solution will help to all of people who have the same bad experience like me.