Unable to Detect Both Tuner and External Drive

hi all, 

I installed my new Hauppauge 950Q tuner on my WDTV Live and am basically satisfied with the results - channels are coming in just fine. However it seems like the device is getting very confused when I try to plug in the tuner and an external drive at once. It seems like the device either freezes at the Home menu or acts like the tuner is not plugged in - the tuner does not light up. I have tried starting the device with both plugged in, and also plugging in one or both after starting the device…nothing seems to work, except if I just plug in ONE of them, and then it works fine. I would very much like to try out the recording feature and was hoping to use the external drive to store the files.

Also I will add that the tuner does not seem to work in the front USB port, only the back. The external drive will work in both. If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it. (FYI: latest firmware was installed last week) Thanks ahead of time

What happens if you try a USB Flashdrive ?  eg.16/32 Gig

or an external Powered HDD.

Maybe it’s a usb power draw issue ? (having both connected) … dunno just guessing

that is a good thing to try thanks; the external drive I was trying is a WD My Passport. i will try a flash drive to see if there is a difference. thanks!