Unable to Delete torrent miss Downloaded files in DOWNLOAD folder

I have MyBook World (white leds) and after I used the torrent Downloader service of it (which never started the download), I stopped it ,remove the torrent from the task and I went to Download folder to Delete the miss downloaded file, but I got error and the system didn’t let me to delete it! I tried everything , I search this forum,google but seems no one has any solution for this problem.

I tried from Windows XP also, I’m running Windows 7

I changed the download folder for torrents and I did also almost everything, restart the disk etc but nothing.

Does anyone knows how to delete from the download folder the miss downloaded file?

Did you try taking ownership of the file?


Yes I tried, windows don’t let me change anything. Do you have the same Device as me and you don’t have any problem with torrent service and deleting files from the Download folder?