Unable to delete music files in public share

Hi I’m new here - just got a WD MyBook Live. So far so good.

However, I copied my iTunes library over incorrectly. After figuring out how to do it correctly, I went to delete the ones that I copied the wrong way. I keep getting “file in use” errors. I’ve shut down iTunes, Twonky, and the iTunes server. Checked to make sure that nothing else could be using the files. Still not working.

Any ideas how to delete the files?


The file may be in use on your PC, not the MBL…  You probably need to close whatever programs are accessing the drive, or even reboot the computer.

Yes - I did all of that already. And tried from a separate computer altogether. There’s no question it’s the NAS - somewhere. I managed to delete them folder-by-folder while they weren’t being used. A true game of whack-a-mole.

Hmm…  I guess it’s possible that the processes like Twonky and iTunes don’t release the files.   If it’s still happening, try restarting the NAS.