Unable to delete files/folders from NFS Share

So I have a 4TB MyCloud installed via RJ45 1G connection to my Linksys router. I have a Windows 10 Ultimate (Yes, windows 10 supports NFS) on the same network as my “server”.

I mounted several shares from the NFS share on the MyCloud. Everything is working great as far as accessing the NFS shares, however, when I try to delete files and folders, one of two things happen:

The file/folder deletes, but then reappears
Windows confirms the deletion, but nothing happens and no error is displayed.

Now, what is weird is this doesn’t happen to ALL resources, it’s only about 50% of the time. I can find no pattern as to why only certain files/folders are not able to be deleted.

I’ve tried using two different computers to delete the files, and the same thing happens. I also use the WD My Cloud desktop app, and it gives me an error: “unable to complete the requested action” with no further information.

This never happened before I started using NFS, so, I know it’s a problem on the Windows side or the MyCloud side

I tried calling WD support but their official answer is that “yes this device does support NFS, but we don’t provide support for it.”

What am I doing wrong?

By any chance, do you have any synchronization software running on your PC.

You can try running a system only factory restore and test that again.

Not sure what this is? Is this on the WD UI?

System Only Factory Restore can be found under WD My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Utilities > System Factory Restore. There are three options under that section; System Only, Quick Restore, Full Restore.

System only: restore system data to the original factory settings.
Quick Restore: erase content and system info but can be recovered with recovery software.
Full Restore: permanently delete all content and system info so it cannot be recovered.

Umm, yeah, that’s not an option. I can’t loose the data that’s on the Drive right now.

You don’t loose your data while doing a system only restore you are simply resetting the My Cloud system (its settings) to its initial default state, user data remains intact.

Edit to add: From the WD My Cloud User Manual

System Only: Changes all settings back to the factory default values, makes private shares
public, and returns the administrator password to none. Your content remains untouched
and intact.
Note: You can also do a system restore physically. See “Resetting the My Cloud
Device” on page 90.
Quick Restore: Reverts all settings to their factory default values, deletes data in shares
and sets the shares back to factory defaults, resets the My Cloud system, and erases the
drive. It takes several minutes.
Full Restore: Reverts all settings to their default values and permanently overwrites or
erases all user data and shares. It could take several hours for the process to complete.