Unable to delete file ["found.000"] in File Management

This crazy file called “found.000” appears in one of my WDTV network folders. This file doesn’t appear [even as hidden] on the hard drive itself.

It’s annoying as it’s in the root of the folder. Clicking on it, I get the message “no media present.” I’m unable to delete it via File Management as I get the message “unable to delete read only files.”

It’s possible that this this “found.000” is a ghost of the .wd_tv file that existed on this drive when it was used as an eSata drive. The drive is currently installed in my computer, but I didn’t delete the .wd_tv file before including that drive as part of the network. It has since been deleted, but still appears on the WDTV network.

Any help appreciated.

You *might* have to both reset the Live as well as unplug it (for at least 10 minutes) to get rid of this message – if you go that route you’ll have to re-enter all your network and custom settings.

You could also try giving read/write priviledges to the share for everyone and seeing if the Live will then delete that file (but it may not actually exist, in which case this won’t do any good).

Thanks, Mike. Finally solved the problem:  had to uncheck "hide operating system files (recommended) in the drive’s Folder and Search Options menu. Doing that enabled me to [finally] see the “found.000” folder and delete it. So now it no longer appears on the WDTV. Success !